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Efficient promotion with Google Adwords.
Google Adwords – Effective Website Promotion!

Google Adwords, when set up correctly, can be a very effective, and easily managed, paid advertising facility for new pages; to target specific business acquisition; and in competitive business areas. If you have a new or existing Adword campaign, do consider having it reviewed to ensure that it is running effectively and efficiently. I can set up your campaign(s), ad group(s) and ad(s), and manage your account if needed.
Please contact me to talk through your situation and the options that might be available to you.

“Google Adwords has been a complete waste of our time and money!”

I’ve heard this a few times, together with the commitment to “never consider using Google Adwords again”. Although I totally appreciate the annoyance and frustration felt following a costly and unproductive dabble with Google Adwords, I will still say it is one of the best, most cost-effective, ways of advertising for most businesses.

Set Google Adwords Up Right

Read any guidance pages about setting up Google Adwords and you will frequently be warned to “Set it up right”. Google’s default settings are very unlikely to be right for you but when used, will almost certainly make Google a better financial return from a campaign than you!

So set it up right using every tweak and adjustment available to you, to create and run a ‘tight’ campaign.

Have Your Google Adwords Campaign CheckedGoogle Adwords support Cambridge - Website Promotion Cambridge.

Whether you already have a campaign running or you have one ready to go, have it checked. Let someone who knows their way around the complexities of Google Adwords have a thorough look at your landing pages, keywords, ad’s, impression share and settings to offer feedback and suggestions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaign.

When you are setting up a new campaign or ad group, keep the settings tight from the outset and initially monitor reaction quite frequently, so that you can edit and tweak things until you are seeing the response you seek. Then, and only then, open up some of your settings, if appropriate, to improve visitor response.

Again, let someone double-check your set-up to help ensure your campaign is effective from the outset.

New & Existing Adwords Campaign Review

I offer a campaign and ad set review service, which can purely give feedback and suggestions to help improve your Google Adwords set-up, so that you can then consider what you might address or adjust.

I can also work alongside you whilst fine-tuning a Google Adwords campaign or, with close liaison, take over the development and / or maintenance of your campaign as required.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact me at, or give me a call on 07702 505 703.

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