Website Promotion & SEO

If you are looking to:

Local and regional website promotion.
Promote your business website.

promote your business locally;
Home in on your local business area. Focus on the potential business opportunities that matter.

generate more business enquiries;
Create opportunities for potential clients to buy or make genuine enquiries.

use Google Adwords cost-effectively;
Google Adwords is a brilliant marketing facility when set up right. Let me optimise your Adwords campaign(s).

get a better listing in Google Search;
Ensure that your webpages are “discoverable”, listing on pages 1, 2 or 3 in Google Search pages as the very minimum.

design, develop or improve your WordPress website.
Get the most from the simplest, and most comprehensive website design software on the web.


How I Work With You

Website Promotion Cambridge - website marketing and SEO.There is often something that has concerned or frustrated a website owner or manager, about their site’s performance. Poor visitor numbers; very few business enquiries; or a negative experience with another service provider. My approach is to be open and upfront about what I think I can do to assist you and improve your experience with your website. I work to identify and instigate the most effective way to get quality results from your website or specific website pages. Once I have evaluated your website situation against what you want from it, I give you a plain English explanation, a realistic estimate of my initial costs and suggest what might be needed in the future.

What Next?

Please feel free to email me or call to discuss your requirements. Once I have an idea of what you are looking to achieve I will take a good look around your site and then offer my suggestions for making improvements. I rarely suggest re-designing your website, however, I might recommend adding or editing wording and content.

Click HERE to email me or call 07702 505 703 – You may get an answerphone.
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